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 Battle guild Strategy

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By JodaKast taken from forum
General Strategies:
1) Occupy and Defend the four Mystery Towers at all costs. They are the biggest point givers, if you are going to win the battle, it will be through these towers. Never leave a tower completely undefended unless there are no opposition what so ever. Even if there are only a few opposition, there is a chance they can break through and get past the attackers.
2) When attacking the Enemy, wait and gather a group together to attack at the same time, rather than attacking individually.3) When attacking the Enemies Ward Tower buy some Lancers or Hunters (cheapest troops) and only equip 1 troop. Until you have 40+ Knights your troops will not survive an initial hit from the Ward Tower, and unlike the Word Boss, you do loose your troops when they die, if you do not follow this tactic you will go through a lot of troops. It does not matter if you have 1 troop equipped or 10K troops equipped, you will do the same amount of damage, so there is no sense wasting all your troops.
4)If there is no or little opposition, and you are doing the Tower Rush tactic, do not refill your HP potions, unless you have more than 25K hit points, you will not survive an initial hit from the Ward Tower, that does 25K+ in damage.
5)Do not attack the enemy in their Respawn Camp, we will lose points. Wait until they come out of their camp before engaging them in combat.
6)It does not matter if we win or lose, as long as we fight an honorable fight. Treat our opposition with respect, no trash talking in world chat before or after the Guild Battle.
Specific Strategies:
1)All Guild Masters, Assistant Guild Masters, and Guild Officers will be Team Leaders. Team Leaders are responsible for assembling and leading a four man team in combat. Pick 3 guild members you can work with, and work out a communication system. When you attack the enemy, attack as a team, when you defend a tower, defend it as a team, when you move from one spot to another, move as a team.
2)Four teams will be assigned to defend one Mystery Tower each, and the remaining teams will be Kill Teams. Kill teams will support any tower that is under attack, attack the opposition to slow their advance or bottle neck the opposition outside of their spawn camp, or attack the Enemy Ward Tower. These teams will be decided by the Battle Ratings of the Team Leader, the four Lowest BR's will be Defender teams.

3)All Unassigned Guild members, who are not assigned to a team, there will be two tactics depend on the strength of the opposition. The first Tactic, known as the Speed Bump Tactic, will be for when there is strong opposition: The guildies will attack the opposition, slowing their advance on our towers. The second tactic, known as the Tower Rush tactic: The guildies will attack the Enemy Ward Towers. Please follow the general strategies for specific types of attacks as described in the above section.
4)During the Guild Battle in order to facilitate communication, please reserve the Guild Chat for the Team Leaders communication, all others please use Party Chat.
5)If you are the Team Leader of a Defense Team, call out immediately if you are attacked , so the Kill Teams can come to help defend.
6)When Defending a tower, do not attack any opposition, let them attack you. Once you attack an enemy, you are no longer defending the tower, and you lose your defense bonus.
7)The Guild Master is your Commander in Chief, what he says goes. If you do not agree with his orders, do not argue about it on the open channel, take it to a Private Message. If it is not something that needs immediate attention, please save it until after the Guild Battle.
8)When the Guild Battle starts, prepare for heavy opposition, and defend the towers. After the Kill teams makes initial contact with the opposition and determine how much opposition we are facing, the Guild Master will call out either “Speed Bump” or “Tower Rush” determining our strategy for that battle.
9)If the Guild Master calls out “Tower Rush” each Defender Team Leader pick a single member of your team to stand guard on the Mystery Tower, then have the remaining members of your team attack the Enemy Ward Tower. Do not leave your tower undefended.
10) If the Guild Master calls out “All Out Attack,” only in case of no opposition what so ever, all defenders can leave their towers to attack the Enemy Ward Tower.
11) If the opposition has a particularly powerful member that is decimating our defenses, Team Leaders call out their Name and Location as soon as they are spotted, and all Kill Teams converge on that member.
12) When calling out locations refer to the towers by the following code: SC = Our Spawn Camp, EC = Enemy Spawn Camp, GW = Guild Ward Tower (our Ward Tower), EW = Enemy Ward Tower, NW = North West Mystery Tower (Top tower closest to our Ward Tower), SW = South West Mystery Tower (Bottom tower closest to our Ward Tower), NE = North East Mystery Tower (Top tower closest to Enemy Ward Tower), and SE = South West Mystery Tower (Bottom tower closest to enemy Ward Tower)
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Battle guild Strategy
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